The Doctor's companions are initially confused when the TARDIS scanner appears to tease each of them with a specificly desirable location. They are soon tempted to leave and, with the Doctor not far behind, become embroiled in a land where characters and even the landscape stem from popular fantasy novels. Only when they traverse further do they find out who is behind it...and more importantly how they came to be here.

Publicity Images

  1. The Mind Robber - ep 1
    The Mind Robber tempts the TARDIS crew

Episode 1 - On Set Photo

The colourisations above are based on monochrome on-set photographs featuring:
  • Episode one scene in the TARDIS, The crew stare longingly at the scanner as The Mind Robber tempts them to go outside.

Real Colour Photographs

On Set Photos

These real colour on-set photographs feature:
  • Episode one scenes in the TARDIS, as the crew stare longingly at the scanner
  • Episode two scenes ouside the TARDIS - Jamie and Zoe flanked by White Robots
  • Episode two - Our heroes are confronted by various literary creations including Gulliver and some ominous Toy Soldiers