The Doctor and companions land on the planet Marinus, a desolate world with rivers of acid. A huge citadel lays before them....upon entering, Susan is accosted and the rest of the crew find themselves on an expansive quest across many varied landscapes.
They must locate five "keys" that, when located, will apparently bring peace to the local population.

Publicity Images

  1. The Keys of Marinus
    The Keys of Marinus
  2. Susan and Voord
    Susan and Voord

Episodes One & Four - On Set Photographs

The colourisations above are based on monochrome on-set photographs featuring:
  • Episode One - Susan is accosted by a menacing Voord.
  • Episode Four - Knights guarding one of the keys search for intruders.

Real Colour Photographs

Episode Two - On Set Photos

These real colour on-set photographs feature:
  • Episode Two - The TARDIS crew appear to be welcome guests on Marinus.

Episodes Four & Five - On Set Photos

  • Episode Four - Barbara is shocked at the appearance of brains in jars
  • Episode Five - Ian stands on trial after being framed for murder.